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SPn Gaiman Ficathon

Jul. 31st, 2007 | 12:09 am
posted by: regala_electra in spn_gaiman

Hey all,

I was knocked off the internet due to a bad storm yesterday and was unable to restart my internet connection. This post is a general reminder that you can begin posting your stories to the comm now (posting access is now opened for all members), I will edit this post with a collection of links to the fic - they can be posted here or cross-linked to your own lj.


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Updated Ficathon Deadlines

May. 5th, 2007 | 10:46 am
posted by: regala_electra in spn_gaiman

I apologize for the delay in getting out everyone’s ficathon assignments.

Please note that the assigments will be going out tomorrow, May 6th.

Because of the week-and-a-day gap in getting out the stories, the stories will be now be due on July 29th.

The final drop out day will remain June 9th, as to give backup writers enough time to write a backup fic and any need to notify me of a delay in the completion of the story may be emailed to me (regala_electra [at] yahoo [dot] com) before July 21st.

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Reminder Post: Sign Up Deadlines

Apr. 8th, 2007 | 09:48 pm
posted by: regala_electra in spn_gaiman

Hey all. As your friendly mod, I hope you have all had a lovely holiday break, whether you've celebrated Passover, Easter, or any pagan activities this week. (And if you've spent the week chilling with the goddess Easter in San Francisco, that's cool too.)

Please note that the deadline for signing up for the ficathon is April 21st.

If you would like to play in the wonderful challenge of crossing Supernatural with Gaiman-related works, then please go here to sign up. Assignments will be going out on April 28th and the completed stories will be due July 21st.

Happy holidays.

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The 1st Annual Crossover Ficathon Challenge

Mar. 23rd, 2007 | 06:35 pm
posted by: regala_electra in spn_gaiman

The spn_gaiman Crossover Ficathon Challenge is now open.

Sign Up Here.


Your fic should be at least one thousand (1K) words total. There is no cap on length, if you go wild and write a novella-sized story, then it’s very much welcome however a story must be complete when posted. Works in Progress are not accepted.

Unless otherwise noted in your assigned requests, spoilers for the end of Supernatural Season 2 are allowed as are any spoilers for the Gaiman book/comic you are using in your crossover (see Deadlines to see why S2 finale spoilers are allowed). A quick warning though. If you are writing an American Gods crossover, you cannot include any spoilers from the sequel novella Monarch of the Glen or any spoilers from Anansi Boys unless your assignment allows it.

Your assignment will include three different requests for you to choose from. I will make it a point of matching up requests with writers who have stated that they have read/are familiar with the desired Gaiman ‘verse crossovers.

Sign Up InformationCollapse )


Signups will be open from March 23rd and close on April 21st.
(So if you’d like to read another work by Gaiman in the next almost-month? Go right ahead.)

Assignments will go out on April 28th.

Stories will be due July 21st.
- You may post your story to your livejournal or any communities of your choosing on that day. You cannot post your story before then. Officially the deadline is 11:59pm Eastern Time (as I’m in NY and I’m dead to the world by about 12:30am).
- Unofficially? The deadline is midnight wherever you live. (So you can tell me you live in Hawaii and that’s why your posting so late and I’ll totally believe you./joking)
- Stories will be linked on a Master Links Post from this community to the site where you have posted your story.

Further Deadline Details - But what if I can’t meet the deadline? Collapse )

Frequently Asked QuestionsCollapse )

Everyone is welcome to participate. Tell your friends. Your enemies. Your frenemies.

And don’t forget the primary directive. Look after Sam. Crap, that’s Dean’s prime directive. Wait, I got it:

Have fun.

Edited to Add: Deadlines have been changed. See here for more details.

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Crossover Recs

Mar. 22nd, 2007 | 06:47 pm
posted by: regala_electra in spn_gaiman

It begins, as most things begin, with a song.
- Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman (opening sentence)

Crossover Recs

As you can tell from the oh so clever title, this post will serve as the recs post for any fics that have been currently completed.

My measure of a crossover simply entails that some element of Gaiman's work, be it character, setting, or thing (such as concepts like Good Omens' ideas about Hell and demons) is included in a story featuring characters from Supernatural. That means that the Winchester boys do not necessarily have be a part of the story for it to classify as a crossover story.

I will continue to update the rec post and heartily encourage everyone to offer recs of crossover fic that they've read and enjoyed. Please consider this entry a living document. At the bottom of the post I will include an "edited by" date.

Gen, Het, Slash (including Wincest, obviously) are all welcome and will be clearly marked. For now, all stories will be posted in alphabetical order by title. If we get to a point where there are a signficant number of fics that can be broken down in three or four categories such as the above, then I will likely restructure the rec post to reflect that organizational system.

The format of recs will appear like this:

Here's the Title
By Author/lj username
American Gods Crossover
Summary: How a cracktastic crossover is awesome.
Rating: the G through NC-17 rating system is prefered
Warnings: Het, Slash, Wincest, Language, Violence, etc.
Rec'd by lj user

format codeCollapse )

I'll be spending my weekend updating this post with crossover fics, so you know, watch this space. :-)

The RecsCollapse )

Edited as of March 22, 2007

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Intro Post: A Storm's Coming

Mar. 21st, 2007 | 09:32 pm
mood: giddy
posted by: regala_electra in spn_gaiman

It starts off with a crack of lightning down the endless road.

"Storm's on the way," said Sam.
"Feels like it," said Shadow. "Maybe it'll snow soon."
"Not that kind of storm. Bigger storm than that coming. I tell you, boy, you're better off in here than out on the street when the big storm comes."

- American Gods by Neil Gaiman (quoted from page 10 of the U.S. mass paperbook edition)

"Storm's coming. And you boys...your daddy...you are smack in the middle of it."
- Supernatural, Devil's Trap, written by Eric Kripke. (Line spoken by Bobby Singer.)

I've been trying to write an awesome intro post that explains all the reasons why I think crossovers with Supernatural and Neil Gaiman works are just absolutely kickass. But if you're here, and hello by the way, I hope you've gotten an inkling of the potential awesomeness just waiting to be unleashed.

Eric Kripke cited Neil Gaiman's American Gods as a source of inspiration when he was developing Supernatural. And as revealed in the season two episode Tall Tales, demigods such as Trickster gods are very much in existence in the SPN world. Mmm, taste that delicious canon. Anansi and Loki were specifically referenced and Gaiman's versions of Anansi and Loki? Would work perfectly in the SPN universe.

I took that as a challenge. A challenge to create this community. The purpose of spn_gaiman is primarily a fic challenge comm, although once the challenge has commenced, I plan on opening up the community for general posting of any crossover stories that will be written in the future.

I will set up a separate post for recs of current SPN/Gaiman crossovers that have already been posted by those people who have already seen the light. ;-)

The challenge will be opened this Friday, March 23rd and signups will continue until the third week of April. This will run as a relatively traditional ficathon - people will post requests of stories they want written and assignments will go out the week after signups are closed. I'm tentatively planning on stories being due by the end of June or early July.

Questions? Comments? Cake? Or Death?


All characters from Supernatural solely belong to Eric Kripke and fellow SPN producers. All characters from American Gods, Anansi Boys, Sandman, etc. belong to Neil Gaiman. In the case of Good Omens, the characters belong to both Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. All content here is produced not-for-profit.

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