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The Supernatural Neil Gaiman Crossover Ficathon
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Welcome to the 1st Annual Supernatural Neil Gaiman Crossover Ficathon.

The actual ficathon will go live on March 23rd. Signups will close April 21st. Assigments will be going out May 6th. Stories will be posted on July 29st. The sign up post, containing further deadline details, fic requirements and FAQ can be found here

Eric Kripke, creator of Supernatural revealed that part of his inspiration for the show was based on Neil Gaiman's American Gods. As revealed in season two of SPN, trickster gods (as Bobby classifies them, "demigods") do exist in the Supernatural world.

"There's a storm coming."

And there will be fic to celebrate that storm. It starts off with a crack of lightning down the endless road.

"Storm's on the way," said Sam.
"Feels like it," said Shadow. "Maybe it'll snow soon."
"Not that kind of storm. Bigger storm than that coming. I tell you, boy, you're better off in here than out on the street when the big storm comes."

- American Gods by Neil Gaiman (quoted from page 10 of the U.S. mass paperbook edition)

"Storm's coming. And you boys...your daddy...you are smack in the middle of it."
- Supernatural, Devil's Trap, written by Eric Kripke. (Line spoken by Bobby Singer.)

Please go to the the intro post for further information.

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